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Starting out by explaining our Cause of Existance

On the 15th of October, 2018 - the guild was created for starters. We are on the quest of finding like-minded souls who struggle to get going, regarding the harder 4-man based content of the game.

We are a Cross-Faction Guild - alltho we originate from the Aldmeri Dominion.

We know there are more out there who feel the same urge, and have the skill to execute the task. Many does not have the solid foundation to make the adventure fun and exciting all the way through. That is what we want to help make possible. Pickups may deliver at times, but its not a deal of constant value.

There are times when you really struggle to make your game-time into quality-time when forming pickup groups. That´s not an option for us. We dont play this game to end up dissapointed, cause of lacking skill or mood somewhere else behind a computer screen. We want quality - and We want to share it with like-minded players.

Starting out - the first goal - is to make three core-teams. Each containing 1 Tank, 1 Healer and 2 Damage Dealers (teams needs to be flexible here).

Damage Dealers are required to have atleast 35k DPS (Dummy Result) to apply. This is to make sure that we all can make progress within every team. Not quite there yet? Practice on your Target Dummy. Work on your DPS and apply when you hit 35k+, meanwhile we´re looking forward to your application.

Tanks and Healers are not required to meet this requirement ofcourse, but its always good/wise to have gear/skills to be able to assist with DPS. This make curtain situations more comfortable and it also makes your team more flexible.

★ The First Goal Reached
Now we are working on the last three teams.

Six core-teams are now the final main target. That means we have reached a membercount of 24 members. That is what we feel that we can handle, and at the same moment be able to take care of those relations and make strong bonds within and beyond every core-group.

★ What we will be doing mostly together

We will focus mainly on vDLC HM Dungeons, Dragonstar Arena, Battlegrounds and more of the 4-man based upcoming content that "Mists of Murkmire" will bring us.

Time will tell - if we can make this happen together. Gather up your awesome friends, and lets make this a reality for all of us.

★ What do we expect from you?

  1. You having reached CP 500+
  2. Lower levels of CP is considered to low to apply.
  3. You beeing ready for the harder 4-man content
  4. That meaning by yourself feeling that your own gear, experience and skillevel meets the present requirements of vDLC 4-man content within the game.
  5. You beeing a mature and focused player
  6. We arent mainly looking for entertainers - more of an extra spice in that case :) Extra hard content, means extra focus and maturity.

Be sure to take part of our "Common Rules & Guidelines" before applying.
We are all exited and looking forward to getting to know you! :)

Apply by fill out the application form (found at upper right menu). To be able to do this, you need to first create an account. The account you create will be the same account you hopefully log into this website with, as a member.

★ Current Guild Status - Role by Role
Tanks - Needed in Ebony and Frost
Healers - Needed in Frost
DDs - Needed in Frost

All roles can still apply as Applicants but members who apply beyond team demands are sure to get unassigned for the moment until a spot is avaliable.

Click here to create an account and apply!

Kind Regards // Tetragon Thunderbirds
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